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Charlotte - 1944-45

Charlotte, N.C. - Schools - 1945

Charlotte, N.C. - Churches - 1945

Charlotte, N.C. - 1945

Charlotte, N.C. - Hospitals - 1945

Charlotte, N.C. - 1945

1945 Post Office, Courthouse, City Hall, Mecklenburg County Courthouse, Law Building, Armory Auditorium, Fire Department, Health Department, Police Department

Charlotte, N.C. - American Memorial Legion Stadium, Myers Park Country Club, Charlotte Country Club, Fair Grounds, and Municipal Swimming Pool - 1945

Charlotte, N.C. - Charlotte Symphony, Mint Museum, Public Library, Little Theatre - 1945

Charlotte, N.C. - Banks - 1945

Charlotte, N.C. - Banks:  Wachovia, American Trust, Federal Reserve, Commercial National Bank, Armored Bank Truck, Union National Bank - 1945

Charlotte, N.C. - Retail: Belk Department Store, Ivey's Department Store, Efird's Department Store, Martin's Department Store - 1945

Charlotte, N.C. - Hosiery Mills - 1945

Charlotte, N.C. - Charlotte City Waterworks Pumping Station (Beatties Ford Road), Mountain Island Hydroelectric Plant (Duke Power System), Cliffside Stream Plant, Southern Bell Telephone District, Offices, Street Busses, Duke Power General Offices - 1945

Charlotte, N.C. - Map of Transportation for the City of Charlotte - 1945

Charlotte, N.C. - Transportation:  Southern Railway Offices, Associated Transport, Inc., Southern Railway Streamliner, Trail Ways Bus Terminal - 1945

Charlotte, N.C. - Distribution:  A & P Food Stores Warehouse, Ford Motor Company, Chevrolet Motor Company, Charlotte Farm Equipment Company, Graybar Electric Company, Grinnell Company, Southern Radio RCA Victor, Film Exchanges, American, Cynamid Company- 1945

Charlotte, N.C. - General Dyestuff Corporation, Charlotte Laundry, General Electric Supply Company, Carolina Transfer and Storage, Standard Oil (N.J.) - 1945

Charlotte, N.C. - Hotels:  Barringer Hotel, Mayfair Hotel, Hotel Charlotte, Selwyn Hotel, Mecklenburg Hotel, Alson Court Apartments, Addison Apartments, and the Monticello Apartments - 1945

Charlotte, N.C. - News: Press and Radio Locations:  Charlotte News, WBT Radio Tower, Charlotte Observer, and the Radio Station WSOC,  - 1945

Charlotte, N.C. - Municipal:  City Garage, School Health, Fireman's Drill Tower,  - 1945

Charlotte, N.C. - Revenue - 1945