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These are unidentified photographs.  If anyone knows who these people might be either contact Dan Morrill at or Robert Jackson at 

  This is the first of the unidentified photos from Sarah Butler Rattley's photo album.   J.H. Van Ness is the photo studio.

   On the rear is "H Baumgarten, Photographer, Over Nisbet & Bros Store".  It is negative number 4057.

    No information on photo.


     This Baumgarten photo was taken when the studio was over Nisbet's Store.  It is negative number 3706.

  This Baumgarten photo (opposite Wittkowsky & Rintels) is negative number 3410.   Written on the rear in faded letters are the initials "M.C.G." 

The original photo lacks contrast.   On the rear is "H. Baumgarten, Photographer, Opposite Wittkowsky & Rintels."

Jacob Rintels was a leading Jewish merchant.  His house still exists as the Rintels-McManaway House.

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