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Rattley Photographs -- Page Two

    This is Sarah Butler's brother Augustus "Gussie" Butler (1868-1911) in an undated photo.  He was a brickmason like his father Joseph.  

     This is Sarah Butler's sister Mary Lincoln Butler (1865-1928).  She married Thaddeus Lincoln Tate in Charlotte in 1886.  This photo was taken in 1884.

This photo was taken in the Baumgarten Studio presumably on June 6, 1881---the date of the marriage of John Rattley to Sarah Butler.  Stephen Mattoon of Biddle Univ performed the ceremony in Clinton Chapel.  

This is a remarkable photograph.  The woman is Mrs. Stephen Mattoon, wife of the president of Biddle Institute, now Johnson C. Smith University.  Many people do not realize that initially the entire faculty of what is now Johnson C. Smith University was white.  Dr. Mattoon, a Presbyterian minister from the North, raised the money to build Biddle Hall, which was completed in 1883.  These dedicated Christians felt duty bound to provide an excellent education to the young African American men who attended the school. Caption written by Dan Morrill.


     N.W.  Harlee is an 1879 graduate of Biddle Memorial Institute.   N.W.  Harlee Elementary School in Dallas, Texas is named in his honor.


     W.I.  Lewis is an 1877 graduate of Biddle Memorial Institute.

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