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This report was written on July 31, 1992

1. Name and location of the property: The property known as the Land at the John Price Carr House is located beneath and around the John Price Carr House, which is situated at 200 N. McDowell St. in Charlotte, North Carolina.

2. Name, address and telephone number of the present owner and tenant of the property:
The owner of the property is:

T. Bragg McLeod
3027 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, N.C. 28206

Telephone: 704/372-3611

The tenant of the the property is:

Mr. Harold J. Bender
Attorney at Law
200 North McDowell St.
Charlotte, N.C. 28204

Telephone: 704/333-2169

3. Representative photographs of the property: This report contains representative photographs of the property.

4. A map depicting the location of the property: This report contains a map which depicts the location of the property.

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5. Current Deed Book Reference to the property: The most recent reference to this property is recorded in Mecklenburg Deed Book 5662, Page 120. The Tax Parcel Number of the property is: 080-093-08.

6. A brief historical sketch of the property: This report contains a brief historical sketch of the property prepared by Dr. Dan L. Morrill, Ph.D., which updates the Survey and Research Report on the John Price Carr House, dated January 28, 1976, which is on file in the offices of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission.

7. A brief architectural description of the property: The attached contemporary photographs of the property illustrate the major features of the landscape.

Specifically, the house occupies the southwestern corner of the parcel, and a small, grassed front yard separates the sidewalk from the house. The side yard on the southern side of the house forms a narrow, grassed strip between it and East 5th St. The greater portion of the property on the northern side of the house and the back yard is composed of a paved parking lot. The attached copies of the Sanborn Insurance Maps of Charlotte, N.C. and the historic photograph taken c. 1920 demonstrate that the house, although moved about 50 feet north in the 1960's to make way for the relocation of East 5th St., historically had a similar orientation to the street. Moreover, the rear yard is mostly open, as it is today.

8. Documentation of why and in what ways the property meets the criteria for designation set forth in N.C.G.S. 16OA-400.5:

a. Special significance in terms of its history, architecture, and/or cultural importance: The Commission judges that the property known as the Land at the John Price Carr House does possess special significance in terms of Charlotte-Mecklenburg. The Commission bases its judgment on the following considerations: 1) The Land at the John Price Carr House contains landscape features which approximate the characteristics of the property in the early twentieth century; and 2) the protection of the landscape features of the Land at the John Price Carr House is essential for safeguarding the historic setting of the house.

b. Integrity of design, setting, workmanship, materials, feeling, and/or association: The Commission contends that the architectural description by Dr. Dan L. Morrill, Ph.D. which is included in this report demonstrates that the Land at the John Price Carr House meets this criterion.

9. Ad Valorem Tax Appraisal: The Commission is aware that designation would allow the owner to apply for an automatic deferral of 50% of the Ad Valorem taxes on all or any portion of the property which becomes "historic property." The current appraised value of the .5 acres of land beneath and around the John Price Carr House is $283,550. The property is zoned B2.

Date of Preparation of this Report: July 31, 1992

Prepared by: Dr. Dan L. Morrill
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission
P.O. Box 35434
Charlotte, N.C., 28235

Telephone: 704/376-9115

Historical Overview

The history of the land at the John Price Carr House is intimately bound up with the history of the house itself. 1 Constructed in 1904 for Mr. John Price Carr, Charlotte's premier heavy mover at the turn of the century, the house is one of the finer local examples of a Queen Anne style edifice. McDowell St., which borders the western edge of the property, formed the eastern edge of Charlotte in the early twentieth century. Consequently, Mr. Carr had plenty of room to place outbuildings to the rear of the property, where he kept mules and other items needed in his business.

On March, 17, 1981, dedicatory ceremonies were held for the opening of the renovated John Price Carr House. 2 The conversion of the house by T. Bragg McLeod into offices necessitated the construction of a parking lot on the northern side and to the rear of the house. Great care was taken to preserve the "feeling" of the front yard and those portions of the back yard which were not dedicated to parking. No major changes to the property have occurred since 1981.


1 For a full history of the John Price Carr House, see Dr. Dan L. Morrill, "Survey and Research Report on the John Price Carr House," January 28, 1976.

2 Letter from T. Bragg McLeod to Dr. Dan L. Morrill, April 1, 1981.