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G. G. Galloway House Gateway & Century Buildings
J. Burton Galloway House (Destroyed) Gautier-Gilchrist House
Garibaldi and Bruns Building (Destroyed) T. T. Gilmer House (Destroyed)
Garinger High School (Under Construction) Thomas and Latitia Gluyas House
  Goff House
  Good Samaritan Hospital
  Grace A.M.E. Zion Church
  Grand Theater
Dr. Robert H. Greene House
  E. B. Gresham House
Arthur S. Grier House
  Bobby Grier House (DEMOLOISHED)
  Sidney & Ethel Grier House
  William Grier House
  Grier-Furr House
  Sidney and Ethel Grier House
  Grier-Rea House (Moved)           
  Thomas Griffith Warehouse (Destroyed)
  Grinnell/General Fire Extinguisher Company Complex