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North Myers Street Duplex, ca. 1921



205-207 North Myers Street


UTM 17 515023E 3897726N


Although compromised by new siding and other alterations, the duplex at 205-207 North Myers Street is a rare and  important surviving representative example of the typical housing stock that once made up the majority of the buildings in the city's First and Second Wards.  Of the approximately one thousand homes that existed in First Ward before World War Two,1 less than ten appear to have survived on their original location




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1. Estimate was based on Sanborn maps printed in 1929 and updated in 1953.  An average of twenty houses or duplexes were found on several blocks, and this was multiples time the fifty blocks that appeared to have a residential component.  Residential units west of the rail line were not counted, but it is assumed that they would balance the estimate against blocks with a low residential component.