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Frye Chevrolet, ca. 1927


416 West Fifth  Street


 The Frye Chevrolet Building faces south, and sits adjacent to West Fifth Street in Charlotte's Fourth Ward.  The front section of the building is three bays wide, with the round-arched entrance centered in the facade, and now containing a replacement door.  The arched opening is topped with a recessed stone panel.  The front section of the building is veneered with wire cut brick laid in a running bond.  The brickwork of the facade is laid atop stone block that are cut to match the grade.  Wide plate-glass windows flank the entrance and are topped with simple stone lintels.  Above each window opening is a recessed brickwork panel with stone blocks highlighting each corner.  Four stone pinnacles highlight the facade and extend above the parapet's stone cap. 

The side elevations of the front section feature wire-cut brick and stone cap, but otherwise lack the ornamentation of the facade.  Each side is pierced by a large window opening adjacent to the facade.  An east facing garage entrance, set back from the facade, is attached to the east elevation, and is an entrance to the deep rear section of the building.

The building site slopes to the rear, and the floor of the rear section of the building is considerably lower than the front section, and is only fully exposed at the rear.  The large rear section of the brick Frye Chevrolet Building was laid in common bond.  The east elevation of the rear section features seven pairs of metal framed windows.  Windows become larger as the grade allows, with the windows near the rear containing eighteen lights.  The west elevation features the same fenestration.  The side elevations are topped with a stepped parapet that steps down toward the rear.  The rear elevation is painted white and features a stepped parapet with a chimney integrated into the east corner.  The rear is pierced by two overhead doors, a pedestrian doorway protected by an awning, and a metal-framed window.