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White's Commercial Service

317 South Graham Street

White's Commercial Service is a one-story, solid masonry building veneered with brick laid in a running bond.  The simple building features stepped-parapet end-walls topped with tile coping.  Curved trusses support a composite roof.  The facade is six bays wide and features two wide overhead garage doors separated two large window openings, each containing paired twenty-light metal-framed windows.  The northernmost bays contain a single door and a window opening containing paired sixteen-light metal-framed sash.  

Attached to the north elevation is a one-bay wide, flat-roof wing with a stepped parapet.  The front elevation is pierced by a window opening containing twelve-light metal sash.  The north elevation of the principal section features an exterior chimney.  The north elevation of the shallow wing is five bays deep and is pierced by window openings filled with metal sash.

The south elevation is symmetrical and features three large window opening, each containing paired twenty-light metal-framed windows.  The rear of the building features a row of large metal framed windows, and is largely obscured by a neighboring building.