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Whitman-Douglas Company, ca. 1911


301 East 8th Street

The Whitman-Douglas building faces west adjacent to the rail line in Charlotte's First Ward. The two-story brick building features wide segmental-arch doorway that leads to a small concrete loading dock.  The arch is composed of three rows of brick headers. The facade is also pierced by a wide opening, adjacent to the south elevation, now boarded over.  The second story fenestration is symmetrical and is composed of three segmental-arch openings.  All of the building's windows are boarded from the interior, with several of the openings still containing deteriorated eight-over-eight windows.  The facade is topped by a low stepped parapet. The brick building was laid in American Bond.




The building site slopes to the rear, partially exposing the basement on the south elevation, and fully exposing the basement level at the rear of the building.  The south elevation is pierced with numerous segmental-arched window openings of various sizes.  All of the window openings in the first story and basement have been filled with masonry blocks.  A single door opening leads into the basement.  The second story features five regularly space window openings like those found on the facade.  The north elevation is largely block by a neighboring building.
Like the facade, the rear elevation is topped by a low stepped parapet.  An exterior flue is centered on the elevation.  The rear is pierced with various full-sized and short window openings.  A metal-clad firedorr on a steel track is located adjacent to the south elevation.