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William Bratton House, ca. 1923


631 North Brevard Street


The William Bratton House was built around 1923 in Charlotte's First Ward.  It is now the only surviving residential building along North Brevard Street, which was largely populated with single-family houses and duplexes until the advent of Urban Renewal.  The house, now an office, faces east on a flat lot, bordered by vacant and parking lots.  Across the Brevard is a sprawling elementary school.   The house is a fine example of the four-square form with Prairie and Craftsman Style architectural details.  The house is also significant due to its solid masonry construction.  While brick veneers became common during the early 20th

century, the vast majority of the homes in Charlotte were of wood frame construction.    The William Bratton House was constructed of masonry blocks veneered with wire-cut brick laid in a running bond. 

The William Bratton House is a two-story hipped-roof house with a hipped-roof porch supported by thick square brick post.  The porch steps and the porch floor have been replaced re-covered with pieces of terra cotta embedded in concrete.   The facade is symmetrical.  The front door is centered between window openings containing paired six-over-one windows.  On each of the house's elevations, the second-story windows are aligned with the  first-story fenestration.  On the facade a single six-over-one window is located above the door.    A hipped-roof dormer is centered above the facade.  The walls of the dormer have been covered with fiberglass shingles.  The rafter ends of the hipped roof and dormer are exposed. 


The Bratton house is three bays deep.  The north and south elevations are virtually identical.  The front bays on the first and second floors contain paired six-over-one windows.  The rearmost bays contain single six-over-one windows.  The rear elevation features a one-room, one-story, hipped wing with a small engaged porch supported by a square brick post.  The roof is pierced by three interior chimneys that are notable for their lack of corbelling.



North Elevation


Rear Elevation


South Elevation


Original Six-Over-Six Windows


Front Dormer

Front and North Elevations