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Charlotte Observer Company Building


600 South Tryon Street

The Observer Building is massive, square, four-story, flat-roofed building occupying the entire city block bordered by South Tryon and West Stonewall Streets.  Each elevation is nine bays wide, with each bay containing a recessed two-story section of International Style glazed wall enclosing the building's second and third stories.  These glazed sections are separated by narrow posts clad in concrete panels with a rough marble chip surface.  The posts are flush with, and appear to support, the fourth story, which is clad in the same marble chip panels.  On each elevation the walls of the fourth story are pierced by fifty-two narrow windows.


 The second, third and fourth stories of the east, north, and west elevations are virtually identical.  The building's principal entrance is recessed in the center bay of the east elevation.  As befitting a facade, the east elevation is bordered by a narrow lawn featuring a low marble-chip retaining wall.  The entrance is accessed by a low stair and concrete panel walkway with minimalist hand and guard rails.  A revolving door is centered in a glazed metal frame with an additional single glazed door.  To the north of the entrance is an engaged parking area, that occupies nearly half of the first story.  Much of the parking area is screened by dark panels.  The entrance of the parking area is centered in the north elevation.  A second, and perhaps more used, entrance into the building is deeply recessed in the parking area, and is similar in design to the primary entrance.

Primary Entrance on the East Elevation


Parking Area Entrance


The west elevation is separated from South Church Street by a paved patio below the level of the street.  The first story is blank with slightly recessed dark panels.  The south elevation contains a long row of loading docks that open into the building's second story.  The docks are accessed by a  paved terraced lot, bordered by a dark stone paneled retaining wall.   

West Elevation

South Elevation