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Documentation of why and in what ways the E. I. Dupont Building meets the criteria for designation set forth in N.C.G.S. 160A-400.5.

                        a.  Special significance in terms of its history, architecture, and/or cultural importance.  The Commission believes that the E. I. Dupont Building does possess special historical significance for Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.  It bases its judgment on the following considerations.                          

1)     The E. I. Dupont Building is one of the few pre-World War Two industrial buildings that survive in Center City Charlotte.

2)  The E. I. Dupont Building possesses architectural significance as a rare local example of the Art Deco style.


 b.  Integrity of design, setting, workmanship, materials, feeling and/or association.  The Commission judges that the description presented in the Center City Survey demonstrates that the E. I. Dupont Building meets this criterion.