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Home Finance Company

The Home Finance Company Building is situated on a relatively flat corner lot, surrounded by a paved parking lot.  The small, flat-roofed modernist office building features an exposed  steel frame composed of steel beams supported by I-beam posts.  Exterior walls are composed of plywood panels and large direct glazed windows.  The north elevation is a single expanse of brick wall that extends above the roof and the front and rear elevation.  Metal exterior stairs lead to a recess second-story porch/hallway.  Originally, one feature of the building was an integrated carport that  allowed customers to drive under the front section of the building.  This has been enclosed.   Original feature that have survived include brick planters and steps.

J. N. Pease, Jr. is standing in the middle of many of his associates who were involved in designing the Home Finance Company Building


The building as it originally appeared.


An early photograph of the building.