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Sears Roebuck Company.  UTM:  17 514258E 3898018N  Sears Roebuck and Company opened a new retail center in Uptown Charlotte on May 5, 1949.  Unlike other Uptown retailers, such as Belks, Iveys, and Efirds, Sears brought an essentially suburban model of retailing to the urban core.  The company's advertisement stated that there would be "Free Parking for 600 cars."  Stylistically, the building is Modernistic in feel and tone with brick, concrete, and glass being the dominant building materials.  A major factor in persuading Sears Roebuck and Company to relocate from a street level store on S. Tryon St. was the increasing mass dependence upon the automobile  that occurred during the years immediately following World War Two.  Consequently, the Sears Roebuck Building marks a major turning point in the evolution of the built environment of Center City Charlotte.



This advertisement appeared in the 1950 edition of the Charlotte City Directory.








This is the Sears Store on South Tryon St. which was replaced by the suburban-like store on North Tryon in May 1949.  The difference is dramatic and obvious.






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