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Uptown Charlotte Survey



1.   American Brokerage and Warehouse  (Industrial/Commercial)

2.  B. F. Avery and Sons Plow Company  (Industrial/Commercial)

3.  Carolina School Supply  (Industrial/Commercial)

4.  Charlotte Observer Building (Industrial/Commercial)

5.  Charlotte Union Bus Terminal  (Demolished during Survey)

6.   Court Arcade  (Industrial/Commercial)

7.  E.I. Dupont Building (Industrial/Commercial)

8.  The Great A&P Tea Company Warehouse  (Industrial/Commercial)

9.  Walter Hook Building  (Industrial/Commercial)


10.  Interstate Mills  (Industrial/Commercial)

11.  W. C. Newell Company Warehouse  (Industrial/Commercial)

12.  People's Ice and Coal Company  (Industrial/Commercial)

13.  Queen City Foundry  (Industrial/Commercial)

14.  John B. Ross Warehouse  (Industrial/Commercial)

15.  Southern Spindles & Flyer (Industrial/Commercial)

16.  Standard Oil of New Jersey  (Industrial/Commercial)

17.  Union Storage And Warehouse Company (Industrial/Commercial)

18.  Virginia Paper Company Building (Industrial/Commercial)

19.  Western Newspaper Union Building (Industrial/Commercial)

20.  Whitman-Douglas Company  (Industrial/Commercial)

21.  White's Commercial Service  (Industrial/Commercial)