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Mecklenburg African American Resources

200 – 300 block Orange St.

Grier Heights - Charlotte                                           MK 2341


Synopsis of Significance:  Orange St along with Skyland Ave. contains the oldest homes in the traditionally African American Grier Heights Neighborhood, with buildings from the early and middle years of the 20th century.


226 Orange, Contributing, Ca. 1927.  House.  Hipped-roof, one-story house with engaged front porch.  The house is covered with German siding and has exposed rafter ends.  The brick foundation piers have been infilled with brick and two interior chimneys pierce the roof.  The north section of the porch has been enclosed, but it appears that the original front elevation fenestration was three-bays wide and asymmetrical.  The front elevation features paired original four-over-one windows, and a prominent gabled dormer.  Large square posts rest on a wooden porch floor.  The house is two-bays deep.  The south elevation features two four-over-one windows protected by aluminum awnings.  On the north elevation the windows have been replaced.  The enclosed section of the porch contains one of the house’s original four-over-one windows.   

232 Orange, Contributing, Ca. 1930.  House converted into apartments.  Front-gabled, one and one-half story house with hipped-roof front porch.  The house was built on brick piers, now infilled with brick.  Front elevation fenestration and placement of the half-height tapered posts is asymmetrical.  Front elevation features paired four-over-one windows on both sides of the front door, and in the prominent gable a four-over-one window is bordered by two three-over-one’s.  The house is covered with German siding, and features exposed rafter ends and eave brackets.  The south elevation features a large single-shouldered brick chimney with a yellow brick accent, flanked by small windows.  A large gable dormer contains two four-over-one windows.  The first bay in the north elevation contained paired four-over-one windows, one of which is now covered with siding.  The second bay contains paired windows, and in the third bay, a single window.  A brick flue is centered between the windows of a large dormer, and a second flue is attached near the rear of the north elevation.  There is an engaged rear porch supported by a tapered post.  A second front door and rear exterior stairs have been added.  There is a frame shed behind the house.

300 Orange, Contributing, Ca. 1930.  House.  Hipped-roof one-story house with engaged front porch.  Front elevation fenestration is asymmetrical, with a replacement door set between two sets of paired replacement double-hungs.  The porch is supported by tapered posts, on stuccoed brick piers, which align with the fenestration.  A small gable containing a louvered vent is centered over the porch.  The house is two bays deep.  On the north elevation paired replacement windows fill the bays, and a second vented gable is centered over the first bay.  On the south elevation, paired windows fill the first bay, and a single window fills the rear bay.  The foundation is stuccoed, and the house is covered with vinyl.  A metal shed-roof carport sits in the fenced backyard.