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Mecklenburg African American Resources

200 - 400 Blocks Skyland Ave.                               MK 2345 and  MK 2347

Synopsis of Significance:  Originally know as Davidson Street, Skyland Ave, along with Orange St, contains the oldest homes in the traditionally African American Grier Heights Neighborhood, with buildings from the early and middle years of the 20th century.

200 Skyland Non-Contributing, Ca. 1975.  Duplex.  Brick, front-gabled.

208 Skyland, Contributing, Ca. 1920.  House. Cross-gabled one-strory house with a front wing and a prominent hip-porch supported by Craftsman tapered half-columns on brick piers.  The foundation of the three-bay wide house is covered with stucco, and the siding has been covered with vinyl.  The house features three-over-one double-hung windows, an interior chimney, and a louvered outer door.  Shed addition on the rear elevation.

212 Skyland, Contributing, Ca. 1920.  Duplex. Perhaps an altered single-family home.  Front doors do not match in size, with the three-light Craftsman Style door likely being original.  A prominent hipped porch, supported by four square posts, also protects two sets of pair four-over-six double-hungs.  A second small, centrally placed gabled porch rests on the first, and is supported by slightly tapered posts with high, shouldered bases linked by weatherboard balustrade.  A single door opens onto the porch, and six-over-six windows flank the porch.  The house is covered with original wood siding, and vents are located in the gables.  On the rear there is a one-story gabled addition with a later small one-room addition to the second floor.

 222 Skyland, Contributing, Ca. 1920.  House. Cross-gabled one-story house, same plan as #208.  House is covered with vinyl.  Hip-porch is enclosed.  Rear elevation has been obscured with one gabled and one shed additions.

327 Contributing, Ca. 1944.  Church.  Large one-story, hipped roof building.   Brick construction with glazed headers.  Built on sloping ground with access to a basement level in the rear.  Basement windows have stone lintels and are covered with metal security screens.  Concrete water table.  The principal section of the church is three-bays deep with plain brick pilasters separating the bays.  The central bay contains two arch topped windows.  The windows are composed of an arched divided-light transom over six-over-six double-hungs. The other two bay contain a single window.  A prominent three-bay wide and one-bay deep front-gabled narthex faces the road.  This section features a parapet capped with concrete, and decorative yellow brickwork around the openings.  Small four-over-four windows with arch transoms flank a replacement door set in and arched opening.  A yellow brick cross is visible above a large portico, supported by square post, which is not original to the building.   A hipped one-room deep wing is attached to the rear of the church.  An education building from the 1960ís is attached to the church with a hyphen.

337 Skyland, Non-Contributing, Ca. 1965.  House. Brick, side-gabled.

343 Skyland, Non-Contributing, Ca. 1965.  House. Brick, side-gabled.

349 Skyland, Contributing, Ca. 1920.  House. One-story, frame, with clipped side-gables.  House is three-bays wide and one-room deep with rear hipped wing.  Built on brick piers with block infill.  Two stuccoed chimneys.  Gable with vent over front door.   Hipped porch protects replacement front door.  All windows are replacements.  Enclosed shed porch on rear.  Frame garage in rear.

401 Skyland, Contributing, Ca. 1925.  House.  Small, frame, hipped-roof with engaged front porch is three-bays wide and two-bays deep, and features square post, German siding, and exposed rafter ends.  Built on brick piers, infilled with blocks.  Front fenestration is asymmetrical with a replacement door located between single and paired replacement windows.  House features a hipped dormer with a louvered vent, and two interior chimneys.  A rear engaged porch is enclosed. 

405 Skyland, Contributing, Ca. 1925.  House.  Same plan and siding as #40, but with gabled dormers with wooden vent on the front and north elevations.  Paired windows on the north elevation, and hip addition on the rear. 

413-445 Skyland, Contributing, Ca. 1953.  Duplexes.  Frame, low-pitched front-gable roof and prominent front-gable porch supported by three steel poles.  Built on a continuous brick foundation, and covered with German siding.  Duplex is four-bays wide and six bays deep.  The two apartments share the front porch with a four-light panel door in each of the two outer bays, separated by two six-over-six windows.  The two apartments also share a center chimney and each has a side-door protected by a small shed roof.  All of the windows are six-over-sixís except for small four-over-fourís in the fifth bay.  A vent is located in the porch gable.  The approximately 600 square foot apartments may share some of the attributes of the Shotgun form.

413-415.  Replacement doors and windows.

417-419.  Appears to be largely original.

421-423.  Asphalt covering over the siding.

425-427.      Asphalt covering over the siding.

429-431.      Covered with vinyl siding.

437. Duplex converted to single-family residence.  Covered with Aluminum siding.

441-443.      Asphalt covering over the siding.

445-447.      Appears to be largely original.