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The following properties have been identified as eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.  Buildings in red are already historic landmarks or are being processed for historic landmark designation.

1.  Alpha Cotton Mill,  311 East 12th Street, Charlotte

2.  Atherton Cotton Mill,  2108 South Boulevard, Charlotte

3.  Crane Company Building, 1307 West Morehead Street, Charlotte

4.  Davidson Cotton Mill, Delburg Street, Davidson

5.  Savona Mill, Turner & State Streets, Charlotte

6.  Joseph Sykes Brothers, 1445 South Mint Street, Charlotte

7.  Speas Vinegar Company Building, 2921 North Tryon Street, Charlotte

8.  Cole Manufacturing Company Buildings, 1318 Central Avenue, Charlotte

9.  Ford Motor Company Plant, 1830 Statesville Avenue, Charlotte

10.  Transportation, Inc., 1100 Clarkson Street, Charlotte

11.  McNeil Paper Company Warehouse, 305-307 East 8th Street, Charlotte

12.  The Great A&P Tea Company Warehouse, 634-638 South Cedar Street, Charlotte

13.  Queen City Foundry, 619 South Cedar Street, Charlotte

14.  B. F. Avery and Sons Plow Company, 601 South Cedar Street, Charlotte

15.  American Brokerage and Warehouse, 505 South Cedar Street, Charlotte

16.  Southern Spindles & Flyer, 821 West First Street, Charlotte

17.  Standard Oil of New Jersery, 901 West First Street, Charlotte

18.  Armature Winding Company, 1001 West First Street, Charlotte

19.  W. C. Newell Company Warehouse, 520 Elliot Street, Charlotte

20.  Interstate Mills, 715 Seaboard Street, Charlotte

21.  Ada Cotton Mill, 630 West 11th Street, Charlotte

22.  John B. Ross Warehouse, 701 Seaboard Street, Charlotte

23.  People's Ice and Coal Company, 700 West 9th Street, Charlotte


24.  Sugar Creek School, North Tryon Street and Sugar Creek Road, Charlotte

25.  Davidson (Rural Hill) School, Neck Road, Huntersville

26.  Piedmont Junior High School, 1200 East Tenth Street, Charlotte

27.  Parks-Hutchinson School, 1400 North Graham Street, Charlotte

28.  Cornelius School, School Street, Cornelius

29.  Caldwell Station School, Highway 115, Huntersville

30.  Mallard Creek School, Mallard Creek Road, Charlotte


31.  Woodland School, Moore's Chapel Road, Charlotte

32.  Eastover School, 500 Cherokee Road, Charlotte

33.  Lawyers Road School (Midwood School) 1723 Central Avenue, Charlotte

34.  Long Creek Agricultural Educational Building, 9213 Beatties Ford Road, Huntersville

35.  Huntersville High School Agricultural Building, 504 Gilead Road, Huntersville

36.  Newell Rosenwald School, Torrence Grove Church Road, Charlotte

37.  Rockwell Rosenwald School, Sugar Creek Road, Charlotte

38.  Morgan School, 510 South Torrence Street, Charlotte