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Garinger High School

1000 Eastway Drive

Charlotte, Mecklenburg

 c. 1959

             Designed by AG Odell, Jr., and Associates, this is a large school complex of several detached buildings and open spaces on roughly 63 acres.  Although buildings vary in shape and use, some characteristics are found throughout.  These include exposed aggregate concrete panels with diamond motifs, diamond profile fascias, and flat and diamond profile canopies over exterior walkways.  The campus plan is generally centered around a plaza, the cafeteria, and a circular library with a conical roof.  This original library has since be converted into class space and a new two-story media center was added in the 1970s.  The interior integrity of the original round library has been lost. 

            Several of the classroom buildings have interior court yards.  Classroom buildings have terrazzo floor, tile mosaics, and some tile walls. 

            The cafeteria has a tile mosaic, glass walls, and a metal screen with diamond shaped designs.  The cafeteria incorporates a sunken area, similar to a residential sunken living room.  Currently seniors sit in this sunken area, known as “The Pit.” 

            The ceiling of the gym has been dropped, but it retains its original accordion form. Gym walls are stack bond concrete block.  All around the gym is a clerestory with windows that crank open with a motorized system. 

            This high school was surveyed individually because it was one of the larger schools constructed in Charlotte in the post-war period, was designed by a notable architect, and reflected national trends is school planning and design.