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4300 N. Tryon Street

Charlotte, Mecklenburg

 c. 1962

            The name implies that this local grocery store chain expects everyone to drive to the store, and the setting of this outlet, on a corner lot, but down in a depression actually below street level and surrounded by asphalt, reinforces the notion that one would need a car to go to this store.  The building consists of a vast, low pitched, gable front roof with a broad, engaged porte-cochere supported by large arched beams.  The original sign rises from the pebble roof and consists of a poles with a round back-lit signs on which is one letter of the word “Park-N-Shop.”  Flag pole holders are located on the fascia. 

            Both interior and exterior walls are constructed of stack bond concrete block.  Exposed laminate beams continue inside from under the porte-cochere.  Fixtures, including display fixtures in the produce area, shelving, and some check-out stations, appear to be original to the building. While there are other Park-n-Shop buildings in Charlotte, this one was surveyed individually because it a good representative example since it retains a high degree of integrity.