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St. Markís Lutheran Church

1001 Queens Road

Charlotte, Mecklenburg 

c. 1962


            This is an example of Modernist church architecture, although new construction has been undertaken on the front of the church it still retains an acceptable level of integrity and the interior of the sanctuary is very well-preserved.  Renderings of these alterations were unavailable and it is unclear exactly what changes are to be made to the facade.  However, the interior of the sanctuary is to remain unchanged. 

            Inside the sanctuary, behind the alter is a large, stunning, brightly colored mosaic flanked by full-height stained glass windows.  The chancel area has a stone floor with a marble alter with Modernist candle holders and cross.  A stylized dove of beaten metal, probably copper, is suspended above the chancel, appearing to fly out over the congregation. The dove is lowered during baptismal services for use as the baptismal font.

            The pews, with rounded edges and slightly peaked ends, are similar to those at the Air Force Academy Chapel in Colorado Springs are intended to symbolize angels wings.  The left side wall is brick and is composed of angled, stepped sections.  The right side wall is plaster and curves towards the front of the room to the entrance to the chancel area.  Balconies have solid wood balustrades trimmed with metal. 

            A small chapel on one end of the building has pews from the congregationís original church.  The exterior of the church combines brick, marble, and concrete panels.  Incorporated into the design is a semi-detached bell tower.