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Central YMCA


400 East Morehead Street

Charlotte, Mecklenburg


            Designed by Walter Hook, the Central YMCA is an imposing seven story structure clad in exposed aggregate concrete panels.  The panels are projecting, elongated and flattened pyramidal forms.  At either end of the building are glass stair and elevator towers, though the east tower may be an addition.  On the west end of the building, YMCA is spelled out vertically.  A slightly arched concrete canopy extends from the front entrance and is supported by square, tapered, arching posts.  To the rear of the main building is a lower section, only 2 or 3 stories high and a rocket-ship-like smoke stack, both of which are original. Additions have been made to the eastern end and the rear.  The integrity of the interior has been completely lost.  Overall, however, the exterior maintains a good level of integrity. The building was surveyed because it is a good example of a large Modernist building near downtown designed by a noted local architect.