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Bad Idea!  This is a clear violation of Standard No. 10.  Additions or new construction should be performed so that they can be removed or easily reversed.  Notice the new building that extends to the front of the Reynolds-Gourmajenko House on Providence Road.  
Bad Idea!  The problem is that it attaches directly to the main house.  It would have been much more sensitive to have a narrow space, even a walkway between the two buildings.  At the very least the attachment could have been accomplished with a small passageway.
Good Idea!  This is the W. G. Rogers House in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte.  The house was converted into offices.  The developer wanted to have additional office space on what was originally the front porch.  Notice how glass was used to enclose the front porch, thereby retaining the feel of its original expansiveness.
Good Idea!  The Jamison House on Providence Road was adaptively reused as a bank. There obviously had to be a drive-through window.  Notice that the basic form of the porch was retained.  The awning is clearly removable.  Again, a glass wall encloses an office at the front of the porch. The teller sits behind what was once a window.
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