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Good Idea!  A basic term in the Secretary of the Interior's Standards is "Character Defining Element."  Here you see a valve wheel and two indicator posts at the former Grinnell Company Site on West Morehead Street.  The Grinnell Company manufactured and distributed fire fighting equipment, such as shown in the picture.  The Secretary of the Interior's Standards say that these should be saved because they defined the historic character of the site.
Good Idea!  This is an example of what you do not have to keep.  The drop ceiling and the partition walls are clearly of recent origin and do not, therefore, define the historic character of the building.  It is appropriate to remove them.
Good Idea!  This door on the second floor of the Grinnell Office Building is definitely original.  It must be retained, because it defines the historic character of the building.  Doors, original hardware, light fixtures, etc., are significant elements of a property.
Good Idea!  The flooring in the interior of this textile mill is a character defining element.  It cannot be removed.  It would be possible to remove it, lay a concrete pad, and put the flooring back.  Also notice the enclosed office on the far left.  Again, that must be retained and used in the new development.  The overhead vents and ductwork are not original.  They can be replaced.

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