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Good Idea!  Doors are obviously a Character Defining Element.  Frequently owners will want to install new doors for security of for energy efficiency.  Here you see the type of compromise the Secretary of the Interior's Standards recommend.  Notice that the original door remains but that a new door with a large glass element has been installed.  Here is one instance when you "can have your cake and eat it too."
Good Idea.  Notice how the new and original board meet in a staggered line.  This is to soften the impact of lumber of different ages.  It is attention to small details such as this that one respects the historic character of a building.
Good Idea. The Secretary of the Interior's Guidelines allow one to meet the requirements of modern code regulations.  In this case the original stairway is retained, including the balustrade; but a new fire-rated wall is built adjacent to the stairway.
Good Idea.  Buildings, such as the Croft Schoolhouse, grow incrementally to meet the demands of changing uses.  Look behind the door and you will see what was once an original outside window.  It was later filled in when the building was expanded. Windows are a Character Defining Element.  Consequently, it is imperative that the evidence of these windows be retained.  It is important to note that aesthetics are not the primary responsibility of design review. 
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