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Bad Idea.  This is the original concept for the treatment of the northern facade of the pipe shed at the Parks Cramer Complex.  The problem had to do with the extensive ornamentation to what was originally a blank brick wall.  Notice the windows with muttons and the large faux door.  The applicant was asked to develop an alternative plan.
Good Idea.  This is the newest version of the facade treatment. The simple 1/1  windows and the elimination of the faux door satisfy the Commission's design standards that the Character Defining Elements of a building  be respected.  Please be aware that the sign will be attached into the mortar and will not penetrate the brick.
Good Idea.  The Secretary of the Interior's Guidelines state that new additions should be compatible with but distinguished from historical elements.  This addition of the North Carolina Medical College Building meets that requirement.  One has no difficulty identifying the historic building. 

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