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The first owner and resident was Andrew Joyner Bagley (1856-1931), who purchased the house in March 1895. He came to Charlotte from to work at the Carolina Central Railroad. Later he became assistant ticket agent for the Southern Railroad.

The next owner of the house was Walter Nixon Mullen (1853-1910). He had come to Charlotte in the late 1870's and had opened a grocery store on S. Church St. By 1897 he had achieved the praise of his neighbors, primarily because of his invention of the "Hornet's Nest Liniment," a widely-acclaimed medicinal brew of that day.


The Bagley- Mullen House (1895) is the only building in Charlotte, which is predominantly, French Chateau (Chateauresque) in architectural style. Designs of this fashion first appeared in France in the nineteenth century and were inspired by the architecture of the reign of King Francis I (1515-1547). This house could have been inspired by Biltmore House, the magnificant Vanderbilt mansion being built in Asheville, NC during the same time.


  • Having trouble identifying brick patterns, shingle patterns, or other parts? See the Illustrated Guidebook for help!
  • One characteristics of Chateaureque architecture is its irregularity. Notice all of the different roof shapes on the building. The main roof is a gabled hip. A steep pyramidal roof is atop the corner tower on the right front. A cross-gable is on the right. A gable roof is at the right rear and a hip roof sits atop the one-story rear. There are several different shapes of roof shingles as well. There are some unusual windows, too. An oculus window (round window) with four granite voussoirs is located on the corner tower.


    At the site...

  • Sketch the corner tower, starting from the window and working your way up. Be sure to add detail as you draw, noticing the patterns of bricks and shingles. Label the brick and shingle patterns on your drawing.
  • Sketch the oculus window. Label the voussoirs.

    On your own...

  • Compare the Bagley-Mullen House with a picture of Biltmore House in Asheville, NC. Describe what you see in common between these two houses' design.

    Biltmore House
  • Until the mid 20th century, linaments were common potions that were supposed to cure just about any illness. Often, the claims of what the linaments could do far exceeded any real medicinal value they had. Use a clean sheet of paper to draw an advertisement for "Hornet's Nest Linament".