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The Sheppard House was built in 1898-1899 for John W. Sheppard, who moved to Charlotte in 1896. He and his partner bought a drugstore in that year. Sheppard received a degree in pharmacy, making him one of the first wave of university-trained pharmacists in the United States. His store was a quick success. Sheppard credited this to the fact that his was the first drugstore in town to sell ice cream all year long. Also, his was the first to offer bicycle delivery to customers. His deliveryman, James Davidson, known as "Whistling James", delivered for Sheppard's customers for twenty-five years.


  • Having trouble identifying brick patterns, shingle patterns, or other parts? See the Illustrated Guidebook for help!
  • The mansard roof on the house has a steeper slope in the lower part than in the upper.
  • A wall on the east side of the house contains a stained glass window. The southeast corner has an oval stained glass window with keystone details at the top and bottom.
  • The center of the second story features two windows with each having a St. Andrew's cross combined with a Greek cross.


  • Sketch and label at least 3 different types fo windows that you see on the house.
  • Observe characteristics of the house that will help you to complete this table:
    HouseSymmetry (Y/N)?Roof ShapesRoof Shingles TypesWindow ShapesTower ShapeWall MaterialOutstanding Feature
    Sheppard House . . . . . . .

    There are three other houses you will observe. To see the complete list and table, go to the activity for the McNinch House.