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Moore-Golden House

1701 East 8th St.


This picturesque English Cottage style home has some fascinating stories to tell. The first owner was Dr. Baxter S. Moore, a physician and surgeon. But the intriguing history of the house began in 1912. Thatís when attorney Norman A. Cocke bought the property. Cocke became president of Duke Power Co. and Chairman of the Board of Duke University. But Norman Cockeís greatest claim to fame is that Lake Norman is named for him. Think about that the next time youíre in your sailboat.

The most famous resident of the house was Harry Golden. Golden became internationally known as an author, journalist and humorist after his book Only in America became a best-seller in 1958. Golden also published a newspaper, the Carolina Israelite, which preached a message of racial justice for all people, including African Americans.

In his autobiograhy, Golden wrote movingly about the nature of race relations when he arrived in Charlotte in 1941.

As I, a stranger to Charlotte, an immigrant in America, walked down the street, Negroes, whose parents had been in this country for two and sometimes three hundred years, stepped off the sidewalk and tipped their hat. When I went into the drug-store to buy razor blades, I never saw a Negro. . . . Almost half the Charlotte population, the colored half, was invisible.

Harry Golden was the most celebrated citizen of Charlotte when I arrived here in 1963. Golden counted Robert Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey among is best friends. He appeared regularly on The Tonight Show on N.B.C. His editorial office and printing plant were in two old houses on Elizabeth Ave. The Carolina Israelite closed in 1968, and the houses were demolished to make way for Central Piedmont Community College. Golden moved into the Moore-Golden House in 1973 and died in the home in October, 1981.