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Public Buildings & Recreational Facilities

These photos provide a glimpse of the public buildings and recreational facilities available in Charlotte in 1940. Public buildings, including the Post Office, City Hall, and the Mecklenburg County Courthouse are described as "modern, adequate" facilities. The municipal park system consisted of eight tracts totalling 327 acres and was valued at $173,300. Charlotte also boasted a swimming pool, two country clubs, and six golf courses. How times have changed!


Legion Memorial Stadium

This venerable structure, built in the 1930s for the sum of $100,000, has been renovated several times and continues to serve as an important outdoor recreation facility in downtown Charlotte.


Charlotte's first municipal swimming pool cost the enormous sum of $120,000 to construct, more than the stadium!

Public Services Complex

The Fire Department, Health Department, and Police Department all operated from this complex. There already were several police and fire stations scattered throughout the city when this facility was built.

Law Building

Myers Park Country Club

One of two country clubs in Charlotte in 1940. The first was the Charlotte Country Club, located east of downtown in the Plaza-Midwood neighborhood.

Southern States Fairground

This site was the largest entertainment facility in the county. Built at a cost of $200,000, the fairground hosted a variety of arts, cultural, and other special events.

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