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Textile Industry in 1940

The textile industry provided the economic engine that powered Charlotte and Mecklenburg County from the 1880s well into the 1900s. By 1940, textiles began to yield as the dominant force in the regional economy to banking, distribution, and a host of other diversified enterprises..

Cotton ready for shipment

An interior view of a hosiery mill

Parks-Cramer Mills

An interior view of the Chadwick-Hoskins mill

Crompton-Knowles Loom Works

Interior View 1- Highland Park Manufacturing Company mill

Interior View 2- Highland Park Manufacturing Company mill

Husdon Silk Hosiery Plant - Brevard Street

Husdon Silk Hosiery Plant - Oakhurst Street

Kendall Mills

Larkwood Hosiery Company

Leaksville Woolen Mills - an interior view

Nebel Knitting Company mill

Saco-Lowell Shops

Textile Mill Supply Company

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