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The Independence Building

In September 1981 Charlotte developer Henry Faison imploded the first steel-frame skyscraper in the two Carolinas. Located on the northwest corner of the Square (the former Osborne Corner) the Independence Building or initally Realty Building was built in 1908-1909. A principal figure in making the deal work was New South prophet Daniel Augustus Tompkins. Mr. Faison turned it into rubble.

The Independence Building stood as a landmark in downtown Charlotte for over seventy years.

Even when surrounded by more modern buildings, the Independence Building continued to serve the town. Modern skyscrapers use steel in their frames, just like the Independence Building.

Enjoy the view!

View from the Independence Building, looking north, up Tryon St., from a 1911 postcard.

So, how did this happen? Click here to watch the destruction of the Independence Building.
For more information...

Survey & Research Report: The Independence Building

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