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The Front Side

Taken in early September, this photo shows the front left corner of the Blakeney House.

In October, the new porch was being built. The replacement columns were being added. Each was designed to match the existing ones, many of which were unsuitable for reuse.

By mid-November, the front left side of the house had changed greatly. Outside restoration work was well underway.

A straight-on view of the front of the house, centering on the front entry. This photo was taken in early September, when restoration work began.

The roof of the porch is supported by steel poles while preparations are completed for the new foundation.

The new foundation was started in late September. The steel poles would remain as supports until the foundation work was complete.

In October, after the foundation was completed, the new porch was built. The roof was supported by wooden posts during this phase.

Wooden posts adorned the front and both sides of the house while the porch was being built.

New columns began to replace the posts as the reconstruction of the porch and roof continued into November.

By mid-November, the front right side of the house was sporting a new porch. This wrap-around porch extends around nearly half of the house's perimeter.

Notice the reconstructed roof over the porch as well. The house's roof features new copper flashing. It, too, will be restored.

In January, work continued on the roof, painting, and other exterior work. In this photo, workers can be seen hard at work, restoring one of South Mecklenburg's historic jewels.

Painting continued into February.

The new coats of paint really bring the house to life. Final colors will be applied in March. The main color will be off-white. The house will look fantastic when finished!