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The Front Entry

A straight-on view of the front of the house, centering on the front entry. This photo was taken in early September, when restoration work began.

In mid-September, a visitor would have been greeted with this sight from the road.

In early October, work began to replace the porch. The entry was supported by steel poles.

A closer view of the photo above.

After the porch floor was completed in October, wooden posts replaced the steel poles.

A closer view of the photo above.

In November, new porch columns had been installed. The front entry was being rebuilt. The decorative trim was taken off of the pediment and stored inside the house.

A view of the front entry in December. It is now easy to envision how the house will look when finished.

In February, the front entry sports new paint. The final coats of color are yet to come. A new set of steps lead to the door.

This March photo shows the front with the final colors painted on. A cheerful-looking home, indeed!