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The Front Corner

Taken in early September, this photo shows the front left corner of the Blakeney House.

Foundation work in progress.

In mid-September, foundation work had changed the appearance of the front left corner of the house.

Here, the porch is being built around the corner.

In October, new columns were being put in place on the new porch.

By mid-November, the front left side of the house had changed greatly. Outside restoration work was well underway.

In December, new siding was installed and painting began.

Painting was well underway in February.

The first coat of paint greatly improves the appearance of the house.The final coats are yet to come.

In March, painters arrive to add the final coats of paint. The main color of the siding is off-white. Trim colors include soft, pastel peach and blue-green. Later, the shutters, to be painted dark green, will finish the exterior facade. It's easy now to visualize the finished product.