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Details of Restoration

Many of the wooden columns on the porches were in poor condition and needed to be replaced. Here, contractors have stacked columns removed from the house. New columns matching the old ones will replace them.

All of this reconstruction requires a lot of materials. Here, a forklift is prepared to some of the large amount of lumber used in the restoration.

In the attic, rafters support the roof. Wood of this quality is difficult to find these days.

One of the back porches on the house. The floor is under construction.

Another of the back porches on the house.The floor is under construction.

The steel beams bracing the roof over the front entry appear a bit daunting. But, after construction, the restored house will be quite welcoming.

The front left corner of the house is a definte attention-getter. Its angled porch and rooms with three huge windows are distinctive. While the porch was being rebuilt, wooden posts supported the roof.

A blue sky is always a welcome sight, but not when you are looking up through your roof. The porch roof was in serious need of repair.

The stenciled design above the original front entry was removed and stored inside, awaiting repair.

Old meets new in this photo. The old window and sill sits surrounded by new wooden siding. The new siding was designed to match the original, some of which was too deteriorated to reuse.

A detail of the enclosure being built on the back of the house, as seen in January 1999.