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The Interior

The two rooms on the front left corner of the house sport these three large windows. They provide a fine view.

Very few houses have more than one fireplace...

Despite the sad appearance of this ceiling in this October photo, interior stabilization and restoration offer the promise of a gracious interior space when completed.

The grand staircase is a focal point of the house and the design of the newel post is echoed in trim throughout the house.

The stair hall bisects the house on both floors.

A small closet is nestled underneath the stairs. Its trim resembles that of the staircase and is representative of the doors and molding throughout the house.

This parlor, now hosting porch columns, still clings to its faded glory, waiting for its chance to be restored.

The interior was stabilized while the exterior was renovated. As part of the renovation, the rear porch was enclosed and enlarged into a sunny room. In this December photo, progress can be seen toward completing this back sunroom.